Documental Deceptions

Ya Allah,
sebagai mana
Engkau pernah menghantar burung² ababil
untok menghancurkan tentera bergajah
maka kami memohon padamu Ya Allah,
turunknlah bantuan mu kali
ini kepada orang² Islam di Palestin,
hancurkanlah rejim zionis sedahsyat
..Amin Ya Robal Alamin

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Raw Caress

This time
the wind has blown me forwards
from the sick and stinking harvest.

I've laid her much too long.
I feel like an old and restless sailor
with visions long forgotten,
a free will much to strong.

Right then,
when darkness fell around me
and my fruits no longer ripened,
and end was coming near.

from a safe self-chosen prison
to a storm that ripped my heart out
and took it far from here.

Pain and misery
left its marks on me
start again from here.

Cold reality
needs to be set free
chances now at hand

Life's a raw caress to me.

And now,
as I gather up my back bone
to rebuild it even stronger,
the clouds break up again.

It seems,
even if fortune is tragic,
that a sad tale finds an ending
that's reconciled again.

Reach out -

the old eternal time waves
are flowing on and on.

Look up -

the dawn is soon awaking,
there's land in sight again.

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